What is Rudraksha – Rudraksh as per Hindu mythology is formed by the association of two words, ‘RUDRA’and ‘AKSHA’.  
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Types of Hindu Marriages
Types Of Hindu Marriages
Types of Hindu marriages vary in their rites and rituals but possess a common aim of uniting the two individuals. Hindu mythology describes eight different types of Hindu marriages.
Prajapatya Marriage Gandharva Marriage Asura Marriage
Rakshasa marriage Paishacha marriage Arsha Marriage
Daiva Marriage Brahma Marriage
Types of Hindu marriages are described in Hindu mythology as eight types. Some of the marriages from among the eight types were practiced in ancient culture according to the sayings of Hinduism. Among the eight different types of marriages, all are not religiously sanctioned but it has been said that the people belonging to the ancient India were followers of these Hindu marriages. Marriage is commonly regarded as a process which helps to unite two individual souls and at the same time bring the two families close to each other. As per the Hindu philosophy, marriage is not just a process of coming together of the individuals but it is also a holy bond and a commitment which lasts a lifetime.

Hindu Marriage Rituals
Hindu Marriage Rituals are performed in a manner of great celebration which adds colour in the wedding ceremony. There are several rituals take place during the pre and post Hindu marriage ceremonies.
Hindu marriage rituals form an integral part of the wedding ceremony. Hindu marriage ceremonies include the following of a series of rituals and it is celebrated as a grand festival to make it memorable and colourful. A number of rituals take place as per the custom of Hinduism in the Hindu marriages and each ritual is considered important. Hindu marriage rituals include the participation of the bride and bridegroom along with their relatives
and families and these marriages are considered as significant part of marriage.

Hindu marriage rituals includes exchange of garlands, `Pidi Sutrudhal` or throwing colourful rice balls after taking them around the couple in order to keep the evil forces away from the newly married couple. As per the Vedas there should be mutual trust and loyalty between the married couple, which are the essentials for a happy marriage life. According to Rig Vedathere are eight types of marriages namely `Braahmam marriage`, `Praajaapathyam marriage`, `Aarusham marriage`, `Daiveekam marriage`, `Asuram marriage`, `Gaandharvam marriage`, `Raakshasam marriage` and `Paisaasam marriage.
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