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Indian Wedding Accessories
Indian weddings accessories are the primary necessities, without which the glamour and merriment is marred
Bridal Jewellery Bridal Lehenga Traditional Indian Wedding Dresses
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Indian weddings are very bright events, engaging with rituals and celebrations, that continues for several days. Indian weddings are not small affairs; around 400-1000 people come to attend the wedding ceremonies of friends and relatives. It may even happen that the bride and groom may not even know these distant relatives. The true Indian wedding is about two families getting associated socially with much less importance on the individuals involved. 

Wedding traditions are different across the various religion, caste, ethnicity, language, region, etc. Traditional Indian weddings are generally divided into pre-wedding ceremonies, wedding day ceremonies including the Baraat, the Var mala and the Phere; and finally the Vidai.

The following are some of the primary Indian wedding accessories: 
Songs are an integral and much enjoyable part of Indian weddings. There are a whole lot of songs for all important and possible marriage ceremonies. Interestingly, most of the popular wedding songs are extremely old and folk in nature and these have not just managed to retain their distinct charm but are highly popular amongst the new generation. The wedding songs create the ambiance of an Indian wedding. Some of the most popular song ceremonies in Indian weddings include sagai or engagement, ladies sangeet ceremony or bridal shower, mehndi and vidai. Inclusion of songs in these ceremonies makes them extremely pleasurable. Passionate participation of close relatives and family members of the bride or groom further adds to the joy. 
Wedding music: applies to vocal and instrumental music performed at bachelor`s party, wedding ceremonies, dinners, wedding parties and receptions. In the western culture, marriage music was initially introduced as the background ambience for the audience as they gather for the wedding. The wedding music used to change its type and lyrics according to the advancements in the ceremony. The music followed the specific order of events. The music is arranged and mixed beforehand by the musicians hired to perform.
The bridal make upis one of the most intricate art achieved in the today`s make up special occasions like the prime one being marriage. Most of the brides later complain of looking like an over worked goddess on their wedding day due to heavy make up. Unfortunately, their most precious moments turn a nightmare. The camera often catches critical glitters and paleness, making the star of the evening looks horrible. But this can be easily avoided if the bride plans the make up style earlier. The wedding makeup should coin well with the wedding dress and personality. 
Jewelry : is one of the most important elements in Indian wedding. Bridal jewelry is an important piece of art in any Indian women`s life. Weather it is a necklace set, or a pendant set, bangles, rings, bracelets or earrings; jewelry happens to be a very important part of Indian wedding. Jewelry is made of gold, silver, diamond or platinum depending the budget and taste of the bride and her parents. If the budget is high than one can go for designer jewelry and tailored jewelry. 

Traditional Indian Wedding Dresses: are different in different parts of India. The traditional bridal dress in northern India is salwaar kameez, while in western it is lahenga choli and in eastern and southern, it is saree in diverse styles. Western Style Wedding Dresses have also influence the Christian and anglo Indian communities of the nation. 
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